While it isn't practical for everyone to actually fly a plane, it is possible to pilot your own aircraft with the use of radio control (RC) planes, which give people the power of flight, as well as the ability to perform complex flying stunts without leaving the ground. 

RC hobby flight can be for people of all ages and skill levels.  However, if you are just getting started it can be confusing.  Beginners often find it helpful to start with ready-to-fly (RTF) kits that will allow you to start flying immediately.  Veteran flyers may choose to purchase a nearly ready-to-fly kit, which allows them to modify their plane as needed.  Expert hobbyists may choose to build their RC model from scratch.    

You'll be making a number of choices as you purchase your RC airplane and accessories.  The choices you make depend on both your level of experience and preferences.  For example, should you buy a gas-powered or battery-powered model?  Radios are another decision for the RC hobbyist, as the decision to purchase a radio is based on what you want the aircraft to do.  Usually an RC plane can fly with four control channels (rudder, aileron, elevator, throttle).  Some RC planes have as many as six control channels (rudder, aileron, elevator, throttle, flaps or retracts).  RC helicopters normally use six control channels.  Batteries and tools are yet another decision for the RC modeler.  Take a look at the vendors below.  They offer both quality products and support.