People have different reasons for learning to fly.  But once you get the "bug" you will not turn back.  Your urge to see the world beyond the usual two dimensions will likely never leave you.  The first step to achieving this dream is to go to flight school.  

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Part-141 Flight Schools (also known as FAA-approved flight schools)

FAA-approved flight schools must meet certain standards with respect to curriculum, equipment, facilities and personnel.  The flight hour requirement for a private pilot for this certificate is 35 hours.  

Part-61 Flight Schools (also known as FAA non-approved flight schools) 

Non-approved flight schools are not governed as closely by the FAA as flight-approved schools.  This means that these schools are allowed to develop their own training program.  This is not to say that non-approved schools are inferior to approved schools.  In fact, some standards for non-approved schools are actually higher than FAA requirements.  The instructor-based flight hour requirement for non-approved schools is 40 hours.  

Choosing The Right Flight School

Whether you choose a Part-61 or a Part-141 flight school largely depends on your lifestyle.  If you work full-time you may choose a Part-61 school because it is much more flexible.  Training at Part-141 flight schools is under a set schedule, which is often during the day.  Part-61 training is usually easier to fit into a busy lifestyle because training can be fit to the convenience of the flight student.  Now that you know the difference, you are ready to start your search for a flight school that will work for you!