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If you are in the market for an airplane, you may be overwhelmed with choices.  Purchasing an aircraft is a major investment for most people, so it is wise to be very diligent while shopping.  If you are a new pilot, then purchasing an airplane is a new experience for you.  Before making a decision, take a seasoned pilot or technician with you when you are evaluating choices.  

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What To Look For When Buying Aircraft

Log Books

You should thoroughly review the log books of any aircraft you are considering.  The log book should give you a detailed history of the maintenance done on the airplane, a damage history, and hours of use.  If the log book is not properly filled out, you should proceed with caution.   


Once you have the registration marks for the aircraft, you can do an online search with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to make sure it is free and available for purchase.  


While this may seem obvious, you should fly different models and carefully review the performance of each aircraft.  You will have preferences and you should make sure that you are picking the model, and the specific airplane within the model, that you will most enjoy flying.  To help with your search for the perfect aircraft, look at our vendors below.    

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