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Types Of Aircraft Insurance

Airplane insurance, also known as aircraft insurance or aviation insurance, goes way back.  The first insurance policy written for an airplane was written almost immediately after the Wright brothers first flight.  An aircraft is a significant investment, and as such, it should be protected.  Today, you are required to purchase insurance if you own an airplane.  This is to protect you, your airplane, and anyone who may ride with you.

The first step for insuring your airplane is to determine whether you will be using it for business or pleasure, or both.  If you plan to use your plane for both, you will need to be sure to get a policy that covers both.  Talk to your insurance provider and make sure he or she thoroughly understands your plans for your aircraft.  

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Personal Aircraft Owners

If you plan to use your plane for just personal travel, you may be able to get a policy that just covers this type of usage.  However, if you start charging for flights or you decide to rent your airplane to other pilots, you must contact your insurance provider to see how that might impact your policy.    

Aircraft Rental Insurance

If you do not own a plane and rent them as needed, you will need your own insurance policy even if the airplane owner is insured.  You will need liability insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage for the passengers in your aircraft.  How much liability you are required to carry depends upon your state.  You should talk to a qualified aircraft insurance provider to make sure you are fully protected.  You should plan to make a call to airplane insurance providers the moment you obtain your pilots license.  Ask our insurance providers to help guide you.  

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